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Course: Optics and laser technologies

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/SZZOL

Year: 2020

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Miroslav Hrabovský, DrSc.'

Annotation: Compulsory-elective final exam to receive specialization of Optics and laser technologies.

Course review:
1. Classification and characterization of technical materials 2. Internal structure of crystallic materials 3. Phases in metal systems (crystallization, phase diagrams, constitution diagram iron-carbon, heat treatment). 4. Technology of surface treatment. Materials cutting and joining 5. Surface tests (mechanical, optical) 6. Thin films, monocrystals (production technology and diagnostics). 7. Classification and characterization of optical materials (mineral and organic glasses) 8. Optical properties for optical elements production(index of refraction, disperzion, absprbtion, transmitance) 9. Physical properties for optical elements (mechanical, thermal, resistance) 10. Grinding and milling of optical elements 11. Polishing of optical surfaces 12. Other technologies in optical production 13. Resonator construction and radiation properties of industrial important types 14. Laser beam quality, focusation and depth of focus, optical elements properties 15. Main parts and technical design of industrial laser systém, CNC guiding 16. Laser technologies chart and laser aplication in wide spectrum of human praxis 17. Laser cutting and laser drilling technology, main process parameters 18. Laser welding technology, weld quality monitoring 19. Laser surface treatment technology, modelling of heat affected zone 20. Laser safety classes, tissue interaction, safety precautions