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Course: Quantum Chromodynamics

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/PGSKC

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Jiří Kvita, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The goal is to present the theory of the strong interaction at the lowest known level, i.e. quantum chromodynamics as a non-abelian calibration-invariant field theory with the colour as a new degree of freedom. Starting from the historical perspective and the additive quark model towards deep inelastic scattering, structure of the proton, interactions of hadrons within the parton model, to the concept of parton distribution functions and computation of elementary processes, finally to the quark confinement in hadrons, asymptotic freedom and the concept of a running coupling.

Course review:
1. Basic particles and forces of the Standard Model, Rutherford scattering experiment. 2. Group Theory and their representations, Lie groups and algebras, generator, structure constants. 3. SU(2) a SU(3) Groups, isospin, Gell-Mann matrices. 4. Nonrelativistic Constituent Quark Model, Quarks as dynamical basis of SU(3) symmetry, quarks confinement, concept of quark colour. 5. Parton mode, Drell-Yan production of dileptons in hadron-hadron collisions. 6. Elements of quantum chromodynamics, QCD Lagrangian, nonabelian gauge invariance, Feynman rules in QCD, manipulation with colour matrices, elementary calculations in perturbative QCD in tree approximation, gauge invariance of QCD lagrangian and three gluon vertex. 7. Mass singularities and Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg theorem, concept of jets, running coupling constants, asymptotic freedom in QCD. 8. QCD and parton model, parton splitting in QCD, factorisation of parallel singularities, definition of dressed parton distribution functions of hadrons.