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Course: Laser technologies in practice

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/LTP

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Ondřej Haderka, Ph.D.'

Annotation: To inform students about function of the individual components of the technological laser system with reference to the wide laser utilization in practice, especially as a material processing tool. To explain the problematics through experiments in the laser laboratory.

Course review:
­ Lasers for technological applications - gas, solid and diode lasers in CW and pulse mode. Notable world manufacturers of lasers, complete laser systems and accessories. ­ Optical elements to guide the laser beam to the workpiece and focus - space propagation, expanders. Lens and mirror focusing, beam quality parameters, fiber optic guiding, laser processing heads design. ­ Design of laser industrial system - source, cooling, suction, working gases, possibility of realization of mutual movement of beam and material, basic CNC programming of linear displacements. ­ Interaction of laser radiation with different materials, distribution of laser technologies according to power density, energy and interaction time to basic groups (cutting, drilling, welding, surface treatment, marking, 3D printing), main parameters of the process and their influence on the quality of processing. ­ Partial differential equations of heat conduction in material and various methods of its solution, possibilities of mathematical modeling of temperature fields and prediction of deformations and residual stresses. ­ Overview of laser applications in practice: various industries, medicine, metrology, geodesy, astrophysics, military, communications, electronics. ­ Safety work with lasers, risks to living organisms and the environment, laser safety classes, national legislation, protective aids and measures. ­ Laser cutting of materials - categorization of cutting methods, suitable materials and types of laser systems, calculation of optimal parameters, evaluation of cutting quality. ­ Laser welding - categorization according to phase and material types, welding geometry, requirements for assembly accuracy, types of protective gases, evaluation of weld microstructure, possible defects and deformations, on-line process control. ­ Laser surface applications - categorization according to the achieved phase transformation: transformation hardening, remelting, alloying, cladding, structure ablation, marking, etching and other special technologies. ­ Laser use for 3D printing - stereo- lithography with photosensitive resin, selective sintering and selective melting of metallic powders, wire welding, lamination, principle of method and construction of laser systems for 3D printing ­ Excursions to Honeywell Aerospace, Mariánské údolí - technological lasers, laser metrology, metallographic laboratory.