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Course: Linux Basics

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/LNX

Year: 2021


Annotation: The lectures and seminars of the course are focused on main features of Linux operational system, work in it and its configuration. The student also becomes acquainted with the most used user programmes.

Course review:
- History, characteristics of the system, structure of the directories, file systems - Distribution of Linux, installation, configuration and security of the system - Versions live, distribution, dissimilarities. - User, group, login, logout, rights, profile, consoles - mc and vi programmes - User commands, mount, formatting, archiving - Bash, branching, cycles, searching, time, redirecting - Control of tasks, superuser, management of the system, accounts - X_Window environment, Windows and Linux - Network, mail, ftp, web - The C complier, core, its parameters and compilation