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Course: Experimental Methods of Nanophotonics

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/ENF

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Ondřej Haderka, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The subject presents to students selected experimental methods used in the areas of classical and quantum optics, nonlinear optics, laser physics and detection of light.

Course review:
- Resonator optics, modes of resonators, Fabry-Perot filter, calculations of stability of spherical resonators, mode structure of resonator, selection of modes of lasers. - Generation of ultrashort optical impulses in solid lasers, diagnostics of ultrashort pulses - Basics of experimental spectroscopy, chromatic dispersion and difraction, monochromators - Detection of single photons, avalanche diodes, loop detectors, intensified CCD cameras, coincidence detection. - Recording and analysis of modulated signals by oscilloscopes, spectral analyzers. - Fibre interferometry, Mach-Zehnder interferometer, visibility, stability, usage. - Free beams inteferometry, Mach-Zehnder and Michelson interferometer, white light interferometry. - Interference and autocorrelation, relation between the spectrum of the source and autocorrelation function, connection with visibility of interference. - Second and third harmonics generation, optimization to maximum conversion efficiency, generation of white continuum, generation of difference frequencies, optical parametric amplifier - Generation of correlated pairs of photons of type I and type II, geometry and computations of the orientation of the crystals, periodically pole materials - Homodyne detection, quadrature-squeezed states of light, principles and constructions of homodyne detector for continuous and pulse regime. - Coupling of laser beams into optical fibres, spatial filtration. - Interference of the fourth order, Hong-Ou-Mandel method. - Computer control of the experiment and data collection. - Polarization of light, using of polarized states of light in optical signals at one-photon level, generation, modification and detection. - Measurement of components of tensor of small deformation by the method of correlation of fields of coherent speckle, tensor of small deformation, explanation of the principle of the method, modification of the method for measurement in the region of nano-shifts, practical example of measurement of static and dynamical translation of the object in the direction of the normal and tangent to its surface. - Measurement of translation of solid object by means of digital photography based on coherent speckle, explanation of the principle of the method, practical example of measurement of static translation of the object - Usage of DESPI (Digital Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferomety) method for the study of deformations of objects - Usage of the method of shearography for nondestructive testing of hidden defects in the materials - Usage of holographic interferometry for experimental measurements