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Course: Experimental methods of particle physics

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/EMCFX

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. Jan Řídký, DrSc.'

Annotation: Students are assumed to master the topics described in the content of the subject.

Course review:
1. Primary and secondary particle beams and their preparation. 2. Proton structure, deep inelastic scattering. 3. Discovery of c and b quarks. 4. Discovery of weak neutral currents. 5. Discovery of W and Z bosons, their decays. 6. Top quark discovery. 7. Physics at hadron and lepton accelerators, fixed target and collider setups. 8. Detector ensembles for aprticle identification in modern experiments, methods to separate signal from background: Modern tracking detectors and calorimeters. Electrons, muons, hadrons, jets, b-tagging, missing transverse energy. Boosted objects tagging (W, Z, top, Higgs). Forward protons detection, diffraction. Time-of-flight measurement. Signal and background modelling using simulation and data control regions. Cuts in phase space vs. multivariate techniques to separate signal and background. 9. Physics objects calibration in current experiments. Triggering, event selection, luminosity, searches for rare processes, differential cross section measurements. 10. Sources and detection of cosmic rays. 11. Sources and detection of neutrinos.