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Course: History of West Europe

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/VZE

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Vladimír Chlup'

Annotation: 1. To transmit the self-contained view on the cultural evolution of West Europe to the students so that not only its definition but also the raison for its being and heritage were evident. 2. To develop students´ ability to judge the new historical and political occurrences in the context of both the historical evolution and the European cultural heritage. 3. To teach the students to comprehend the thought source of our culture and to allow them a disputation both its history and subsequent evolution possibilities.

Course review:
This subject is focused on the outline of the evolution both thinking and the technology within the West Europe culture limits. It deals with the ideological springs of this culture and its further supposed evolution. The process of the thought development and the technology is put into a single historical periods due to the easier grasp. 1. The culture of West Europe (definition, a geographical specification) 2. The initial source I. - Ancient Egypt 3. The initial source II. - an ancient culture of the Near East and Europe (Crete, Asia Minor, Greece, Rome) Hellenism 4. The initial source III. - Barbarians in Europe and their conflict with Rome, the divide of Roman Empire 5. "The Dark Middle Ages" (5th - 10th century), the attempts to hold the ancient heritage (cloisters), formation of the feudal system the Carlovingian and the Ottonian Renaissance 6. The medieval states (11th - 13th century) and their variations, a medieval town - the administration, the monastic orders and education, the first expansion - the Crusades, Reconquista 7. The Supreme Middle Ages (1250 - 1450) 8. The Renaissance and the reformation (1451 - 1550), "the discovery of the world" and achievement of primacy in it. 9. On the way to "a freedom" (1551 - 1750) a swan-song of feudalism and the expansion of liberalism 10. The Bloody top (1751 - 1950), a system change and consequent changes of society (the establishment of the USA, the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars, and the establishment of the national states, the Fist and the Second World Wars) 11. The 20th century as a war and the 21st century as a conflict of the cultures