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Course: Techniques of Optical Spectroscopy

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/TOS

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Hradil, CSc.'

Annotation: Introduction to techniques of optical spectroscopy.

Course review:
1. Introduction to optical spectroscopy. Radiometric and spectroradiometric quantities and their relations and units. Etendue. 2. Overview of basic spectroscopic methods: absorption and emission spectroscopy, luminescence and Raman scattering. Measurement of signal in spectroscopy: dark signal, signal of background, analytical signal. 3. Characterization of radiation. Sources of radiation and their parameters. Blackbody radiation, lasers in spectroscopy. Radiation sources for calibration of intensities and frequencies 4. Detection of optical radiation. Specification of detectors. Characterization of signal and noise. 5. Methods for wavelength selection. Spectral resolution and free-space interval. 6. Absorption filters, interference (Fabry-Perot) filters. Dispersion prism. 7. Diffraction grating. Monochromators and imaging spectrographs. 8. Fabry-Perot interferometer. 9. Michelson interferometer. Measurement of interferogram. Calculation of spectra from interferogram.