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Course: Optical Measurements and Technology

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SZZK4

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Bouchal, Dr.'

Annotation: Fundamentals of optical technology and optical measurement.

Course review:
1. Optical, mechanical, chemical properties of materials, quality of optical materials, production and properties of optical glass. Methods of assessment of homogeneity, birefringence and spectral transmittance of glass. 2. Technological operations and kinematics for machining of spherical optical surfaces, production of aspherical surfaces. Manufacturing drawings of optical components. 3. Auxiliary materials in optical technology, production tools and technological conditions of their use. Construction, properties of plastics, processing methods. 4. Measurement of the refractive index and dispersion by trigonometric, refractometric interferometric methods. 5. Interferometric and noninterferometric methods for measurement of optical surfaces, contact and noncontact measurement of thickness, measurement of angles, prisms and wedges and angular deviation. 6. Measurement of the focal length of the optical elements by Abbe, Bessel and Porr method. 7. Measurement of geometrical parameters of optical systems, position of focal and principal planes, vignetting, field of view, numerical aperture and distortion. Determination of magnification of magnifier, microscope and telescope. 8. Quality assessment of imaging systems, determination of contrast and resolution. Point spread function, optical transfer function. Methods of measurement of optical defects. Determination of spectral transmittance and parasitic light. 9. Light sources and detectors, basic types of sources, basic photometric and radiometric quantities and their measurement. The basic types of detectors, sensitivity, quantum efficiency, noise, detectivity, spectral dependence.