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Course: Optical measuring methods and spectrosc.

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SZZJ3

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Bouchal, Dr.'

Annotation: Knowledge of principles of optical measurements and methods used in spectroscopy, experimental experience.

Course review:
1. The basic photometric, radiometric and spektroradiometric quantities, their relationships and units. Geometric and photometric parameters of optical systems. 2. Characteristics of optical radiation, parameters of light sources and their measurement, radiation sources. Blackbody radiation. Using light sources for calibration of wavelengths and intensities in spectroscopy. 3. Basic mechanisms of radiation detection. Basic parameters of the detectors and their measurement. Detectors used in spectroscopy. Characterization of signal and noise. Measurement errors, calibration of detectors. 4. Straightness and flatness measurement, angle measurement, function and use of the autocollimator, goniometer and theodolite. Principle and application of speckle and moiré methods. 5. Two-beam and multiple-beam interferometry, types of interferometers, interferometric measurement of lengths, displacements and inhomogeneity, methods of holographic interferometry. 6. Interferometry in spectroscopy, principle and application of Fabry-Perot and Michelson interferometer. Calculation of the spectrum of interferogram, the spectral range and resolution. 7. Measurement of parameters of optical systems, geometric aberrations of optical systems and their measurement, evaluation of optical imaging, optical transfer function and its measurement. 8. Different methods of selection of wavelengths. Spectral resolution and free spectral interval. Absorption and interference filters (Fabry-Perot filters), characteristics and uses. Spectral decomposition of light by a prism and diffraction grating. 9. Diffraction grating. Grating equation. Dispersion and theoretical spectral resolution of the diffraction grating. Basic types of monochromators and spectrographs. Spectral range and resolution of monochromators. 10. Overview of basic spectroscopic methods, absorption and emission spectroscopy, luminescence and Raman scattering. Measurement of the optical signal in spectroscopy. Dark signal, background signal and analytic signal.