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Course: Visual and thermal imaging systems

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SZZJ2

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Bouchal, Dr.'

Annotation: Methods of the lens design.

Course review:
1. Paraxial imaging, lens equation, image magnification. Imaging with optical aberrations, basic types and determination of wave aberrations. 2. Bounding of rays in optical systems, types of apertures. Pupil function of the optical system, appodization and its manifestations in the diffraction limited image. 3. Overview of ray aberrations, ray aberrations of the third order. Point spread function, calculation and use. 4. Characteristics of optical materials, refraction, absorption and dispersion. Chromatic aberration, and the possibility of its correction. Effect of aberrations and diffraction on imaging in different spectral reagions. 5. Principle of difractive imaging, basic types and design of diffractive elements. Refractive, reflective and diffractive optical elements, properties and applications. 6. Paraxial parameters of optical elements and systems. Focal length of two-component system, afocal optical system, construction, and use of the teleobjective. Basic concepts of coherence theory, imaging in coherent and incoherent light. 7. The influence of aberration on the optical imaging, permissible defocusing in ideal imaging, perfec focusing of the image by the Strehlova ratio. Optimazing of optical systems. 8. Ray and wave theory of imaging, mathematical and physical aspects of imaging, types of optical imaging elements. The Strehl ratio and its use in evaluation of image quality. 9. Lagrange invariant, magnification of focal and afocal systems. Transformation matrix of optical systems, matrix formalism in optics imaging. 10. Fourier analysis in optical imaging, optical transfer function for coherent and incoherent light. Ray and wave aberrations, calculation and influence on imaging performance.