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Course: Special Contact Lenses

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/SPKC

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Lenka Musilová, DiS., Ph.D.'

Annotation: To spread the knowledge and skill in the field of contact lenses with regard to the special contact lenses.

Course review:
The teaching is based on the knowledges and skills in the area of commont types of the contact lenses. Lecutres provides theoretical and practical preparation to the realisation of the practical-experimental activities in the frame of practical tutorial. Lectures: Brief summary of RPG CL The rigid CL fitting with the support of the corneal topographer Optics of the rigid CL Fitting of the spherical and torical rigid CL by computation Specifics of cornea with the keratoconus, keratoplastic, corneal injury Fitting of rigid CL on the irregular corneas Individual soft CL Contact lenses and accommodative demand Specifics of the chosen types of the special contact lenses Practical tutorial: Repetition and improvement of skills in the framework of the slit lamp examination Repetition and improvement of skills in the framework of the keratometry and keratography Demonstration and training of fitting selected types of contact lenses (laboratory) Practical fitting of the selected special types of contact lenses (given number of fits, laboratory or external workplace) Analysis and discussion of the realised fits. Analysis and discussion of casuistries.