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Course: RSTA systems

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/RST

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Vladimír Chlup'

Annotation: Systems RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition), development, ergonomics, structure and regulations.

Course review:
1. RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition) systems, development, ergonomy, structure and regulations.   2. RSTA on a level of soldier. Sight (scope/collimator), night vision monocular, laser pointer and illuminator).  3. RSTA on a level of team. Night sight, night vision goggles/binocular day scope, weapon acquisition unit. 4. RSTA on a level of squad. Uncooled thermal imaging sight, uncooled thermal imaging camera, handheld laser rangefinder.  5. RSTA on a level of platoon. Portable fire control system, autonomous UGS ground sensors, portable acquisition unit.  6. RSTA on a level of company task force. Multi-sensor unit, ground reconnaissance radar, laser designator.  7. Small autonomous unmanned systems - UAV (flight parameters, RSTA from on high) and UGV.  8. Introduction to intelligence - TCDL systems.  9. Limitations on deployment of RSTA systems - environmental conditions, hygienic properties, lifetime  10. RSTA systems in Future Soldier projects.  11. Future trends - systems fusion  climatic conditions, hygienic properties of life.