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Course: Quantum Optics I

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/QO

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. Mgr. Radim Filip, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The goal is to present basic theoretical and experimental principles of quantum optics, preparation and manipulation of quantum states of light, quantum operations with light and their applications.

Course review:
1. History of Quantum Optics: quantum coherence, quantum indistinguishability, quantum duality a reversibility, quantum entanglement. 2. Squeezed states of light: definition, generation of squeezed states, properties, homodyne detection, photon statistics, propagation of squeezed states, interference of squeezed states. 3. Gaussian states and operations: Wigner function, characteristic function and covariant matrix of Gaussian states, generalized squeezing, quantum entanglement and entropy; squeezing operation, Gaussian amplifiers, quantum non-demolition interaction and their applications. 4. Linear quantum optics with squeezed states and homodyne detection: quantum reversibility, quantum amplification, nondestructive measurement, measurement induced operations, concentration of squeezing, quantum interfaces. 5. Fock states: definition and properties, generation of Fock states, detection of nonclassicallity, negativity of Wigner fiction, propagation of Fock states, detection of number of photons, interference of Fock states. 6. Annihilation and creation of photon: realization, test of commutation relations, application on quantum states, conditional quantum amplifications, conditional nonlinear operations. 7. Linear quantum optics with individual photons and single photon detectors: implementation of quantum bits, basic beam splitter operations, role of quantum interference and post-selection, basic quantum gates, purification of quantum bits, quantum entanglement, transmission of quantum states, distillation of quantum entanglement. 8. Hybrid quantum states and operations: interference of Fock and Gaussian states, criteria of nonclassicality, measurement induced hybrid operations, quantum distillation of Gaussian states, cubic nonlinear interaction. 9. Application of quantum optics: application of squeezed states (quantum communication and quantum metrology), application of quantum operations (quantum computing and quantum interfaces), applicability of linear quantum experiments.