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Course: Computer Programming

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/PROGB

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Ivo Vyšín, CSc.'

Annotation: Elementary basics of C.

Course review:
- Basic terms. Editor, preprocessor, compiler, linker, debugger. Source and header files. Comments. Preprocessor commands. The main() function. - Data types and operators. Integer data types, char data type, floating-point data types, bool data type, strings. Binary operators, special unary operators, assignments operators, bool operators, relation expressions. - Inputs and outputs ? streams. Formatted uotput ? manipulators. Header files iostream and iomanip. - Statements. Single and compound statement. If-else statement, switch statement, loop statements ? while, for, do-while. Continue and break statements, goto statement. - Declaration of the arrays. One-dimensional array, two and multi-dimensional arrays, structured data types. - Functions. Function definitions, parameter declarations, function body, returned value. Calling a function, function prototype and its placement in the source and header files. - Pointers and references. Pointer declaration, dereferencing and referencing operators. Pointer arithmetic. Array names as pointers. References. - Object-based programming, classes. Basic terms. Class construction, declaration section, implementation section, access specifiers, inline functions. Constructor, destructor. Friend classes. - Programming of the optical calculations. Programming of the paraxial parameters and abberrations of the optical system consisting of centerd spherical surfaces. Feders relations.