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Course: Theory of Open Systems

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/PGSTO

Year: 2020

Guarantee: 'prof. Mgr. Radim Filip, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The goal of course is to obtain knowledge about advanced methods from theory of open quantum systems and their application in quantum optics and quantum optomechanics.

Course review:
1. Advanced quantum theory of optical processes in cavity. 2. Optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers in cavity. Generation and spectrum of squeezing. 3. Advanced quantum theory of damping. Heisenberg-Langevin description. Markovian approximation. Non-Markovian systems. 4. Optical parametric oscillator with damping. Nonlinear and linearized quantum dynamics. 5. Master equation and Fokker-Planck equation of oscillator. Nonlinear modification of the equations. 6. Quantum optomechanics. Optomechanical systems in cavity. Time evolution of pulsed quantum optimechanics. 7. Superconducting quantum electric circuic. Description of quantum nonlinear dynamics. 8. Quantum light-matter interfaces. Experimental feasibility of quantum state transfer.