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Course: Theory of Electromagnetic Field

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/PGSEP

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Jiří Bajer, CSc.'

Annotation: Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic field

Course review:
-Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic field: source quantities of the field, basic quantities of the vacuum field, basic quantities of the field in a material medium. -Fundamental equations of the Maxwell theory: Maxwell equations in differential and integral forms, constitutive relations and categorization of material media, boundary conditions of Maxwell equations. -Specific kinds of fields: Electrostatic field, magnetostatic field, field of stationary currents, quasistationary field and system of electrical circuits. -Nonstationary field: Conservation laws of energy and momentum, determination of field using retarded scalar and retarded vector potencials, generalization of multipole expansion, determination of field using polarization and magnetization potencials -Field of oscillating dipole: Calculation of field of oscillating electric dipole with forced moment, calculation of field of a Hertz oscillator, significant directions and zones of the field of oscillating dipole, energy balance of the field, field of oscillating magnetic dipole. -Propagation of electromagnetic waves in unbounded medium: Propagation of waves in lossless medium, propagation of waves in a lossy medium, propagation of waves in dielectric biaxial and uniaxial anisotropic crystals, optical activity of crystals -Behaviour of waves on interface between two media: Derivation of reflection and refraction laws and that of Fresnel's formulae on interface between two lossless media, reflectivity and transmissivity of interface between two lossless media and dependence of these properties on angle of incidence, total reflection from interface between two lossless media, reflection and refraction on interface between lossless and lossy media -Diffraction of waves on impenetrable obstacle: Kirchhoff's integral formula and its assumptions, calculations of amplitude of an optical excitation in the case of point source, Fraunhofer's diffraction on rectangular and circular apertures, Fresnel's diffraction on edge