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Course: Practicum on Digital Holography

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/PDH

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Michal Baránek, Ph.D.'

Annotation: The aim of the completion of the course is to gain practical skills and record numerical reconstruction of digital hologram in basic optical configurations "In Line" and "Off Axis". Similarly, the resolution methodology record holographic microscopy and vice versa record larger objects. The course follows a lecture titled Digital holography.

Course review:
1. Implementation of the arrangement and geometry of the experiment in a laboratory exposure Fourier digital hologram arrangement in case the reflecting object, in case of a transmission subject (exposure hologram). 2. Methods of digital image processing in the Matrox Intellicam-NeGUS2 and HanVision Meteor-II-CL, comparing options (recording and analysis of exposed hologram using these programs). 3. Numeric reconstruction of the digital hologram two-dimensional Fourier transform in MATLAB - (work with MATLAB). 4. Concept of digital holography: In-Line and Off-Axis - Leith-Upatnieks holography (hologram implementation and comparison). 5. Implementation of two basic experimental arrangement Off-Axis and Line In the laboratory 6. Measurement, evaluation and optimization of the limit angle and verification Nyguistova-Shannon sampling theorem for different radiation wavelengths 7. Experimental Analysis Fourier spectrum Off-Axis hologram and its implementation, the position of zero order, the real and imaginary image - when comparing different wave length radiation. 8. Application of optical fiber digital holography, collimation LP01 mode, creating kvazigaussovského volume, use optical fiber dividers 9. Determination and adjust the position of the Gaussian beam waist, its usage and role in the Off-Axis Fourier holography. Implementation of the tenth digital hologram recording polarization, off-axis hologram with two reference beams having different polarization hologram recording preserving information about the state of polarization, by polarizing optical elements 11. Experimental color camera with digital holography FoveonX3, optimization methodology and visibility settings for recording a digital two-color hologram (comparing the reconstructed hologram for two different settings visibility and its influence on the contrast). 12. Implementation of dynamic color hologram moving biological object (an apparatus for realizing the radiation exposure of different wavelengths simultaneously), experimental realization interferogram color, upon exposure to radiation of two wavelengths simultaneously.