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Course: Advanced Digital Photography

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/PDG

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Řeháček, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Introduction to digital photography and techniques of digital image processing.

Course review:
1. Detection of image in traditional and digital photography. Digitalization of image (sampling and quantization). Relationship between theoretical resolution and sampling (Fourier analysis of 2D signal). Detection of colours, storage of digital image. 2. Histogram of image. Intensity transformations, equalization of histograms. 3. Spatial filtering. Linear spatial filters. Smoothing and sharpening, unsharp mask. 4. Filtering in frequency domain. Fourier transform and convolution. 5. Image restoration and reconstruction, reduction of noise. Selective filtering in frequency domain (elimination of periodic artefacts). 6. Basics of colour perception, colorimetry. 7. Colour spaces dependent and independent on devices. Colour management. Workflow of colour print production on calibrated devices. Practical demonstration of calibration of monitor and printer.