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Course: Ophthalmolog. and Optom. Instruments II

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/OO2X

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Eliška Najmanová, Ph.D.'

Annotation: To familiarise with the chosen optometrical equipment and examination methods.

Course review:
Lecutres provides theoretical and practical preparation to the realisation of the practical and experimental activities in the frame of practical tutorial and seminars. Practical tutorial and seminars includes training of relevant practical and experimental skills. Lectures: Optical instruments (focometers, PD meters). Investigation of visual acuity (visual acuity, visus, optotypes, logMAR, contrast sensitivity). Investigation of refraction (objective methods of examination, principle of objective autorefractore, aberrometry). Measurement of shape parameters of the cornea. Mathematical approximation of the shape of the cornea surface, axial and tangential curvature, eccentricity. Keratoscope, keratometer and topograph - principles, constructions, applications (diagnostics, contact lens fitting). Visual field and its defects (monocular and binocular visual field, defects of visual field and their connection with visual tract). Examination of visual field (orientation investigation, confrontation, kinetic and static perimetry, campimetry). Computer static perimetry (principle, basic indices of visual field and their analysis). Sensitivity of retina, evoked potentials. Colour sense and its defects. Methods of examination of colour sense (Holmgreen leas, 100-hue test, pseudoisochromatic tables, anomaloscope). Eye tonometry (intraocular pressure and its meaning; impression, aplanatic, noncontact and rebound tonometry - principle, application). Ultrasound investigation of the eye (A scan, B scan and pachymetry). Ophthalmoscopy (direct, indirect; fundus-cameras; examination of pupil and macula, orientation at the retina, frequent findings, glaucoma, ARMD). Selected instruments binocular vision examination (amblyoscope, troposcope, cheiroscope, Hess screen, Lancaster test, separator, diploscope, stereoscope). Other instruments and tools (Lindner glasses, glasses for recumbent, wash eye replacement, protective shell, eye powder). Lasers in ophthalmology (principle and construction; interaction of laser and tissue (photocoagulation, photodisruption, photoablation); eye diseases and problems treated by lasers). Exercise lessons: Practical training of relevant experiemental skill in small groups. Direct oftalmoscopy, indirect oftalmoscopy - nonmydriatic fundus-cam. Objective measurement of refraction (Hartinger refractometer, autorefractometer). Keratometry, keratography - autokeratometer, corneal topograph, Javal ophthalmometer. Intraocular preassure measurement - noncontact tonometer, rebound tonometer. Perimetry - automatic computer perimeter, conforntacion, Amsler grid. Colour sense examination. Seminars: Reptetition of the skills: Measurement of visual acuity Objective measurement of refraction by autorefractometer Measurement of intraocular preasurre Keratometry by Javal-Schiotzo oftalmometer Direct ophthalmoscopy by ophthalmoscope, indirect ophthalmoscopy by funduscamera Presbyopic near addition