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Course: Optical Methods in Science & Technology

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/OMVT

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Ing. Jan Podloucký'

Annotation: Measurement of spectral properties of optical radiation,

Course review:
-Measurement of spectral properties of optical radiation, prism spectroscopy, grating spectroscopy, Fourier spectroscopy -Measurement of polarization and coherent properties of light, detection of polarization state, measurement of degree of polarization, measurement of time and spatial coherence -Measurement of distances, laser interferometer, optical radar, methods of modulated beam -Measurement of speeds by optical Doppler methods -Measurement of non-optical surfaces, Moire techniques, projection topography, projection Moire topography, holographic topography -Usage of speckle correlation, origin of speckle correlation, speckle interferometry, fringes on the surface of an object, fringes in the spectrum of the surface of an object -Holographic interferometry, holographic interferometry by means of double-exposition, interferometry in real time, interferometry with time averaging, applications -Use of spatial filtration, principle of spatial filtration, masks used for filtration, Vander Lunt correlator, correlator for collective transformation -Optical communication, components of optical fibre route, modulation, multiplexing, coupling elements, digital communication systems -Fibre sensors, classification of fibre sensors, intrinsic and extrinsic sensors, fibre gyroscopes -Demonstrations in laboratory - Moire technique, speckle correlation and holographic interferometry