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Course: Optical Measurements

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/OM

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Ing. Jan Podloucký'

Annotation: Measurement of speed of light, Foucalt method

Course review:
- Measurement of speed of light, Foucalt method - Measurement of distances by optical methods, interferometry, telemetry, optical radars, interferometer setup. Measurement of air refractive index. - Measurement of refractive index and dispersion with goniometer and Abbe refractometer. - Measurement of quality and shape parameters of optical surfaces, radius of curvature, flatness, angle and pyramidal error of prism - Polarization of light, methods for obtaining of polarized light, measurement of polarization state - Measurement of coherent properties of light, spatial and time coherence, coherence length measurement - Spectral properties of light, construction of spectrophotometer, transmissivity and its measurement - Analysis of wavefront, measurement of aberration, geometric-optical and wave aberrations, Shack-Hartmann sensor - Measurement of parameters of laser beam; moving edge, moving slit and second moments (4 sigma) methods - Modulation of light polarization. Acousto-optical modulator. Birefrigence measurement - Fabry-Perot interferometer. Measurement of HeNe laser spectrum - Optical transfer funkctiom. Measurement of modulation transfer function