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Course: Assembly & Adjust. of Opt. Instr.

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/MJ

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Ivo Vyšín, CSc.'

Annotation: The course is realized in the external workplaces of the firm

Course review:
The course is realized in the workplaces of the firm called MEOPTA Přerov. In the first seminar of this course, the students become acquainted with the content of individual topics, they are divided into groups and they are given tasks for preparation for individual topics. The student perform proper own preraration for realization of every topic, which is verified by the guarantee of the course. From every course topic, the student elaborated the protocol including the description of the topic, results of the measurements and their interpretations, suggestions for improvement within the solved topic. List of the topics: -ASSEMBLAGE, ADJUSTEMENT - SPORT OPTICS, guarantee: Vilém Mikeška, Tomáš Gazda -PERKIN, guarantee: Ivana Nárožná -MCS/HEWLETT-PACKARD, guarantee: Ivana Nárožná -ZYGO, guarantee: Pavel Horčička -MTF, guarantee: Tomáš Zapletal -GONIO, guarantee: Stanislav Ševčík -ZEMAX, OSLO, guarantee: Zdeněk Lošťák -TECHNOLOGY OF LAYERS, guarantee: Jiří Jankůj