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Course: Vision Correction II

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/KZ2

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. RNDr. Mgr. František Pluháček, Ph.D.'

Annotation: To familiarize with the basic examination methods of binocular vision and accommodation and their evaluation. To train students to recognise and detect anomalies of binocular vision with regard to the heterophorias and accommodation dysfunctions.

Course review:
Lectures Lecutres provides theoretical and practical preparation to the realisation of the practical-experimental activities in the frame of practical tutorial and seminars VERGENCE AND ACCOMMODATIVE DYSFUNCTIONS OF BINOCULAR VISION Basics examinations of BV and accommodation: history focused on the BV problems; exam. of vergence, exam. of incommitancy, exam. of accommodation; AC/A ratio, exam. of fixation disparity and associated phoria, exam. of stereopsis, general rules for application of prisms Analysis and management of vergence dysfunctions: possible ways for heterophoria analysis, overview of vergence dysfunctions and relevant management, evaluation of compensation of phoria, introduction to MKH; education of patient Analysis and management of accommodation dysfunctions: types of tests, overview of accommodation dysfunctions and their management; education of patient Management of binocular refractive anomalies: anisometropia (symptoms, examination, management), anisoikonia (symptoms, examination, management); education of patient Recomended procedure for the BV examination (summary) EXAMINATION AND CORRECTION OF CHILDREN Development of vision, patology Basic examination of a child Specifics of correction of a child Education of the child and parents Practical training Small monitored groups (pairs). Monitoring of output competencies using protocols and recorging form. Training of vergence-system examination: Objective examination of ocular deviations (covert tests) Subjective examination of ocular deviations (Maddox rod, Thorignton test, Graefe prism, polarised and anaglyph tests) Examínation of near point of convergence, examination of motility Examination of fusion and stereopsis Measurement of fusion reserves by prism bar (BO, BI, BU, BD, far/near) Examiniation of fixation disparity and association phoria Measurement of vergence facility Training of accommodation-system examination: Measuring of amplitude of accommodation (accommodation rule, near chart) Measuring of accommodation response (MEM method) Examination of relative accommodation Examination of accommodation facility Training of measurement of accommodation-vergence relationship: Measurement of AC/A ration (Thorington test, Greafe prism, cover test) Practical complex examination and evaluation of the A-V system Seminar Monitored small-group activities. Repetition, improvement and development of special practical skills: - monocular and binocular refraction repetition - demonstration and training of special refraction examination for special cases - demonstration and training of presbyop adition measurement - traing of records