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Course: Vision Correction I

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/KZ1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. RNDr. Mgr. František Pluháček, Ph.D.'

Annotation: To familiarize with refraction errors and their management. The next aim is to practical training in the areas of monocular vision examination.

Course review:
Lecture Lecutres provides theoretical and practical preparation to the realisation of the practical-experimental activities in the frame of practical tutorial and seminars INTRODUCTION Refraction - development and changes of refraction during life AMMETROPIA Myopia (classification, symptoms, aetiology, correction, education) Hypermetropia (classification, symptoms, aetiology, correction, education) - influence of correction on the vision Astimgatismus (TABO, classification, symptoms, aetiology, correction, education) Effect of back vertex distance. Effect of correction on other visual functions. EYE EXAMINATION BY OPTOMETRISTS Legal framework of optometry care Basics steps of the routine examination of the vision functions PRACTICAL METHODS OF REFRACTION MEASUREMENT Objective refraction (retinoscopy, refractometry, keratometry; interpretation of results) - basics steps of subjective refraction measurement (best sphere and fine correction, astigmatismus, binocular refraction) Practical training Small groups (pairs) on separate refraction lines. Each group is separately monitored. Monitoring of output competencies using recorging form. Observation of the red fundus reflex, training of direct ophthalmoscopy; demonstration of the fundus observing by a nonmydriatic camera Retinoscopy: Spot and strip retinoscopy - spherical refractive error measurement Strip retinoscopy - determination of the main meridians of astigmatismus,measurement of the relevant refractive error Monocular examination of refractive error Measurement of PD Individual adjustment of the trial frame Best sphere - maximal "+" and minimal "-" method Best sphere - monocular fogging method Fine spherical adjustment (duochrome test, max. +/min -) Examination of astigmatismus - crosscylinder method Examination of astigmatismus - clock-dial and fogging method Complete monocular examination of refraction Binocular examination of refractive error: Binocular refractive balancing - Humphriss method Binocular rafractive balancing - double-row test Binocular refractive balancing - alternative tests Binocular refraction by polarised optotypes Fine binocular spehrical correction, visual comfort evaluation, correction checking Seminar Individual consultation and practical training. Take part on the training of students of higher years.