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Course: Physics 1 (El., Magn., Optics & Atomics)

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/F1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Michal Kolář, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Some topics in electricity and magnetism and optics.

Course review:

  • Electrostatic field in vacuum - Coulomb Law and its applications, description of electrostatic field by electric field intensity and electric potential, electrostatic field of a charged conductor, electrostatic induction, capacity of a conductor, capacitors, connections of capacitors
  • Electrostatic field in dielectric matter - polarization of dielectric matter, vector of polarization, dielectric susceptibility and relative permittivity, dielectric materials and their uses, energy of electrostatic field, electrostatic measuring devices
  • Steady electric current - types of electric current, magnitude of electric current, density of electric current, equation of continuity and 1st Kirchhoff Law, Ohm Law, resistance of a conductor, connections of resistors, work and power of electric current, dependence of resistance on temperature, superconductivity, nonlinear conductors, contact potential difference, thermoelectric phenomena, conduction of electric current in semiconductors, electrolytes, gases and in vacuum
  • Stationary magnetic field - basic magnetic phenomena, calculation of magnetic fields, motion of charged particles in magnetic and electric fields, action of magnetic field on a conductor with electric current, electric measuring devices, action of force between two conductors carrying electric current, definition of ampere
  • Magnetic field in matter medium - diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials
  • Non-stationary electromagnetic field - Faraday Law of electromagnetic induction, mutual inductance, intrinsic inductance, energy of magnetic field, origin of alternating current
  • Electromagnetic oscillations and waves - electromagnetic waves and their properties, propagation of electromagnetic waves, Maxwell equations for non-stationary electromagnetic field
  • Geometrical optics - basic definitions and relations of paraxial optical representation by an optical system and their ray applications to a mirror, lens and system of lenses, defects of optical systems, some optical devices based on ray representation (human eye, glasses, magnifying glass, ocular, microscope, telescope, camera, projection device)
  • Wave optics - diffraction of light, Fraunhofer diffraction of light at a rectangular slit, circle slit and at one-dimensional and three-dimensional optical gratings, resolution limit of optical systems, decomposition of light by refraction (i.e. by a prism), types of light spectra and basic spectral analyses of materials
  • Quantum optics - Particle-wave duality of light, basic phenomena of photon optics, quantum generators of light (lasers)
  • Atomic physics - structure of an atom, Bohr model of an atom, quantization of electron orbits, basic states of atoms, outline of quantum mechanics, radioactive radiation, conception of composition of atomic cores, transmutation of elements, particle accelerators, nuclear energetics, elemental particles