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Course: Electromagnetic Field Theory

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/ELMN

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Ivo Vyšín, CSc.'

Annotation: Basic terms, definitions and experimental sources of the Maxwell theory

Course review:
Basic terms, definitions and experimental sources of the Maxwell theory Source quantities of a field, equation of continuity for current, Basic quantities of a field in vacuum, Gauss law, law of electromagnetic induction Polarization and magnetization of a matter, basic quantities of a field in a matter medium, generalized Gauss law, Ampere law of the total current Basic equations of the Maxwell theory The Maxwell equations in differential and integral forms, formulation of their validity Matter relations and categorization of matter media Boundary conditions of the Maxwell equations Special types of the fields Electrostatic field, calculation of a field by a scalar potential, multipole expansion of static field, energy of a field Magnetostatic field of the permanent magnets and its solution by the magnetostatic and vector potentials Field of stationary currents, Ohm law for a circuit with external source, magnetic field outside the current circuits Quasistationary field, its formulation and solution by potentials, system of current circuits, oscillation circuit, skin-effect Non-stationary fields Laws of conservation of energy and momentum Solution of a field by retarded scalar and vector potentials Multipole expansion of a non-stationary field Solution of a field by polarization and magnetization potentials Field of an oscillating dipole Calculation of a field of an oscillating electric dipole with a forced moment Calculation of a field of Hertz oscillator Significant directions and zones of a field of an oscillating dipole Energy balance of a field Field of magnetic oscillating dipole Propagation of electromagnetic waves in an indefinite medium Propagation of waves in a zero-loss medium, homogenous wave equation, monochromatic plane waves and their properties, polarization of waves, energy transmitted by monochromatic waves Propagation of waves in a loss medium, generalized wave equation, properties of monochromatic plane waves, energy transmitted by waves, true absorption Propagation of waves in dielectric anisotropic crystals, matter relations and mutual position and orientation of basic vectors of a field, phase and beam velocity of a monochromatic wave, optical axes, polarization of waves in crystals, uniaxial crystals Propagation of waves in an optically active medium Behaviour of waves at the interface of two media Derivation of the law of reflection and refraction and Fresnel equations at the interface of the two zero-loss media from the boundary conditions Reflectance and transmittance of the interface of the two zero-loss media and their dependence on the angle of incidence Total reflection at the interface of the two zero-loss media, complex form of the coefficients o reflectance and transmittance, reflected and refracted wave at the total reflection, reflection and efraction at the interface between zero-loss and loss medium Diffraction of waves at an impenetrable obstacle Kirchhoff theory of diffraction, Kirchhoff integral equation and its assumptions Calculation of the amplitude of optical agitation in the case of point source Fraunhofer diffraction at rectangular and circular slits Fresnel diffraction at an edge