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Course: Digital Electronics

Department/Abbreviation: OPT/DEL

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Ing. Zdeněk Řehoř, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Learn basic digital electronic components and theit applications in electronic circuits.

Course review:
Electronics II - Basics of digital electronics 1st Digital signals        (the basic logic functions, derived logic functions ) 2nd Boolean algebra, determining of logic equations 3rd Logic circuits and groups        (TTL logic circuits, electrical characteristics of logic circuits, specialized equipment) 4th Practical exercises - BASIC FEATURES TTL       (logic gates, flip-flops circuit, counters) 5th Memories         (RAM, DRAM, ROM, EPROM, ...) 6th Programmable logic devices         (Complex Programmable Logic Devices - CPLD) 7th Practical exercises - special features of TTL circuits       (debounce the switches, counters, complete counter (binary code)        semaphore) 8th State machines       (default state machines, synchronous state machines) 9th Practical exercises - state machines        (real semaphore as a state machine) 10th Fundamentals of single-chip processors 11th Practical exercises-Programmable Logic circuit (PLC)         (Introduction to Programming of single-chip processors) Teaching is associated with the use of Arduino.