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Course: Teaching and Learning Process

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/VP

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Jana Slezáková, Ph.D.'

Annotation: This study course is concentrated on activities of the teacher in the teaching. The attention is devoted to the basic didactic categories and skills of the future teachers to effectively work with these categories.

  • Teaching process
  • Learning activity of the student
  • Teaching activity of the teacher
  • Teaching aims
  • Factor of the aim in the activity of the teacher and students at the secondary school
  • Methods of teaching and their modality
  • Realization of methods of teaching
  • Activating methods of teaching
  • Problem school teaching
  • Cooperative teaching
  • Project school teaching
  • Efficiency of teaching
  • Models of teaching
  • Organization forms of teaching
  • Strategies and techniques of teaching
  • Constructivism in teaching of scientific disciplines
  • Concepts and misconcepts in scientific education
  • Framework education program for the secondary school
  • Teaching class, its planning , controlling and evaluation
  • Alternative methods of evaluation of the student
  • Reflection and self-reflection in the teaching activity of the teacher

Course review:
Teaching process. Learning process of the students. Teaching. Teaching goals. Goals in the teaching practice in the secondary school. Teaching methods. Active teaching methods. Problem teaching. Cooperative learning. Project teaching. Strategies and technics of the teaching. Organization of the learning. Constructivism in science education. Concepts and misconcepts in science education. Lessons and their planing and assessment. Alternative methods of assessment. Reflection and self-reflection.