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Course: School demonstration experiments

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/SPVT

Year: 2021


Annotation: Students prepare and realize school experiments.

Course review:
High school experiments - mechanics, Pressure in a liquid and gas: hydrostatic pressure in a liquid, Archimedes and Pascal law for liquids, hydrostatic paradox, pressure of a gas (pressure force of air on a recipient of a pump, Magdeburg hemispheres, various types of manometers) expansion of gases (Heron balloon, experiment with half-filled balloon or shrunken apple), change of density of gas during dilution (Newton tube, propagation of sound in diluted gas), liquid-gas system at lowered pressure Flow of liquid and gases: shape of streamlines for laminar flow of a liquid and for circumfluence of objects of various types by Pohl device, shape of streamlines for laminar flow of gas and for circumfluence of objects of various types by fume tunnel, resistive and lifting aerodynamic force for objects of various shape and cross sections subjected to various air velocities, origin of underpressure in air flow, aerodynamic paradox and distribution of pressure of air on the profile of the aircraft wing measured by a source of the flowing air, anemometer, aerodynamic weights and indicator of pressure differences Molecular physics: surface tension (van der Mensbrugghe and Maxwell experiment, Plateau figures, pressure in a soapy bubble) and humidity of air (hairy humidity meter and psychrometer)

  • Thermal phenomena: thermal extension (experiment with a ball and a ringlet, bimetallic thermometer, classical and Blümel dilatometer) and heat conduction (experiment with a wire fork and glued wood sticks and with pieces of various wires and glued balls, warming of test tube with water in it) Acoustics: recording of oscillating motion of a tuning fork with a tip, experiments with monochord, Chladni figures, Hopkinson experiment and Kundt tube Electrostatics: Van de Graaff generator with one and two forcing pulleys (measurement of voltage during current load, measurement of maximum voltage and short-circuit current of the generator, twofold and single electric pendulum, Faraday cell, electrostatic induction - homogeneous and radial field), school power supply of high voltage and charge indicator (measurement of output voltage and short-circuit current of high voltage power supply, separation of charges, transport of electric charge by water droplets, surface density of electric charge) and modeling of field lines of electrostatic field by electrolytic bath Capacitors: measurement of capacity of single conductor and plate capacitor