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Course: Vibrometry

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/PGSVB

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. RNDr. Jiří Pechoušek, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Vibration measurement in the wide range of frequency, contact and noncontact methods, utilization of accelerometers, optical methods, interferometric methods.

Course review:
1. Vibration measurement, measurement principles, utilization of DAQ and DSP systems, simple instruments / handle, complex / laboratory systems. Sources of vibration - frequency ranges. 2. Contact methods for vibration measurement, sensors for vibrometry, accelerometers, principles, piezoelectric vibrometry, resonance characteristics. 3. Noncontacts methods of vibrometry, laser utilization in vibrometry, principles of interferometric and reflective methods, laser Doppler interferometry. Range of mechanical vibration amplitudes, frequency characteristics. 4. Utilization of piezoelectric elements. 5. Vibration characterization of linear motors (i.e. in Mössbauer spectrometer). 6. Sources of noise vibration, elimination of mechanical noise, noise reduction, utilization of antivibration tables (pneumatic, piezoelectric active elimination).