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Course: Risks of nanotechnology

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/NRN

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. RNDr. Martin Kubala, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Students will learn about possible environmental and health risks of nanomaterials in relation with their production, exploitation and removal and also about various antropogenic effects which are generated by nanomaterials. We will define the most imporant parameters of various types of nanomaterials, which may induce their hazardous properties with respect to living organisms and environment, types of exposition and fate of nanomaterials in particular fields of environment. The attention will be devoted to current legistative in relation to nanotechnologies, protection of environment and public health.

Course review:
- Sources of nanomaterials, their fate in particular fields of environment (water, soil, air). - Parameters of nanomaterials affecting their safety. - Issue of nanomaterials and assessment of quality of environment and workplace. - Basis of epidemiology of nanomaterials (terminology, definition, characterization of work exposition). - Environmental risks of nanomaterials - selected mechanisms of negative effects, influence on quality of environment. - Assessment of health risks of nanomaterials - selected mechanisms of toxic action, case studies. - Nanoethics, legislative related to nanomaterials and environment.