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Course: Medical Instrumentation 1

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/LPT1

Year: 2020

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Tomáš Rössler, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Sensors of non-electrical quantities used in medical technique. Static and dynamical properties of measuring systems

Course review:

  • Structures of measuring systems

    • Classification and character of measuring systems, open measuring system, close measuring systems, multi-loop measuring systems, basic systems of measuring systems

  • Sensors of non-electrical quantities used in medical technique

    • Resistance sensors - principles, contact sensors, sensors with connection resistance, measuring potentiometers, strain gauges, sensors of heat, sensors of radiation, sensors of magnetic quantities and humidity, special sensors, applications
    • Ionization sensors - principles, sensors of position, sensors of ionization radiation and sensors of vacuum, applications
    • Emission sensors - sensors of light scintillation sensors of nuclear radiation, applications
    • Inductive sensors - principles, sensors with air gap, with open magnetic circuit, with dimmed field and without ferromagnetic material, sensors of deflection angle, selsyns and magnesyns, sensors of velocity, applications
    • Magnetic sensors - principles, magneto-elastic and magneto-anisotropic sensors, sensors based on Wiedemann effect, applications
    • Capacity sensors - principles, dependences on parameters and force action, sensors of positions, sensors of force (pressure), sensors of level, sensors of humidity, applications
    • Hall sensors - principle, construction, applications
    • Induction sensors - principles, electromagnetic sensors, sensors of straight motion, vibrational electromagnetic sensors, electromagnetic sensors for angular motion, electrodynamical sensors, vibrational and magnetostriction sensors, sensors of velocity, induction flowmeter, applications
    • Piezoelectric sensors - principles, materials, electrical circuits of piezoelectric sensors, sensors of pressure, sensors of acceleration, sensors of deviation, sensors of temperature, applications
    • Thermoelectric sensors - principles, materials, sensors for low temperatures, sensors for high temperatures, sensors of non-metallic materials, thermoelectric sensors of temperature, amount of heat, density of heat flow and thermal radiation, parasitic effects in thermoelectric cell, errors and uncertainties of thermoelectric cells, applications
    • Sensors of light radiation - principles, characteristics of sensors, applications
    • Electrokinetic sensors - principles, constructions, applications
    • Sensors of pH - principles, constructions, applications
    • Optoelectric sensors - principles, constructions, applications

  • Static properties of measuring systems

    • Static transmission characteristics, sensitivity, transmission coefficient, static characteristics of uncertainties, classes of accuracy

  • Dynamical properties of measuring systems

    • Dynamical characteristics in time domain, differential equations of dynamical process
    • Dynamical characteristics in frequency domain, complex sensitivity, complex transmission coefficient, boundary frequencies
    • Dynamical characteristics in complex frequency domain, operator of sensitivity, image transmission, characteristics of digital measuring systems