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Course: Practicals in Physics

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/FYCV

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Renata Holubová, CSc.'

Annotation: Laboratory tasks in experimental physics.

Course review:
1st week: compulsory safety training List of laboratory tasks Calorimetric measurements, determination of the specific heat capacity of a calorimeter experimentally and by calculation, determination of the specific heat of a solid immersed in the sheet-metal calorimeter, determination of the specific heat of a liquid in the electric calorimeter, determination of the specific latent heat of fusion of ice in the Dewar vessel

  • Measurement of the density and viscosity of liquids, measurement of the density by the Mohr balance, measurement of temperature dependence of liquid viscosity by the Engler viscometer, measurement of the viscosity by the outflow viscometer
  • Basic measurements by refractometer
  • Determination of a dependence of the refractive index of air on the pressure at Rayleigh interferometer
  • Solar technologies, greenhouse effect
  • Measurement of heat transmission, determination of k-coefficient
  • Interference of light
  • Diffraction of light at a single slit and diffraction grating
  • Diffraction and Heisenberg uncertainty relations
  • Balmer series, determination of Rydberg constant