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Course: Physics for Biochemists

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/FYBC

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. RNDr. Roman Kubínek, CSc.'

Annotation: Some topics in basic physics.

Course review:
Introduction, quantities and equations, International System of Units (SI) Mechanics, measuring units in mechanics, statics, kinematics, dynamics, oscillations and waves, hydrostatics, aerostatics, fluid flow, molecular phenomena Acoustics, origin of sound, propagation of sound, measurement of sound, ultrasound Thermodynamics, thermal state, thermal energy, phase changes, propagation of heat, change of state, kinetic theory of heat Optics, geometrical optics, wave optics, light measurements Electricity, direct electrical current, electrical field, magnetic field, electrical machines, alternating electrical current, electrical conductivity, electrical oscillations and waves Atomic physics, structure of atoms, radioactivity, artificial nuclear transformations </ul>