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Course: Physics of solids

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/FPL

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. Mgr. Vít Procházka, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Basic knowledge about models in condensed matter physics. Efective solving of typical problems of condensed matter. Students know basic procedure for solving electronic structures. Students are able to understand of scientific papers in the brunche of condensed matter.

Course review:
1. Structure of solid state Chemical bondings. 3D and 2D crystal lattice, translation and point symmetry. Reciprocal lattice. Space groups. 2. Lattice oscillations, phonons, Heat capacity, Einstein, Debye, Born ? Karmán theory of specific heat. 3. Electrons in solid, electron gas, transport properties of electron gas. Electrons in periodic field. Bloch theorem, band spektrum, Fermi energy, Fermi surface. 4. Linear response, polarization mechanism, optical properties of solids, optical transitions, Krammers-Kronig relations. 5. Magnetic properties of solid state Uspořádání magnetických momentů v pevné látce. Magnetic ordering in solids 6. Mechanic properties, ideal and real crystal, defects in the lattice, vacantions, impurites. dislocations 7. Experimental methods of solid state physics X-ray diffraction methods, electron microscopy, tunel scaning microscopy, NMR, spectroscopic methods 8. Superconductivity Superconductor of first and second order, Meissner effect