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Course: Supplem. Seminar for Learning Physics 2

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/DSF2

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Vlastimil Vrba, Ph.D.'

Annotation: In the first part of the course, the course builds on the extension of mathematical knowledge of differential and integral calculus to the introductory course DSF1. In the second part, the seminar focuses on the physical application of the mathematical apparatus, especially with regard to their usability in high school physics from the point of view of a teacher who should have a more general awareness of the problem solving than the subject matter of textbooks for pupils.

Course review:
The curriculum builds on the knowledge gained in the courses Seminar of Mathematics and DSF1. Contents of the seminar: Partial derivation and its use in calculation of uncertainty of measurement. Data processing of physical measurements. Differential equations (with separable variables, linear diffraction, Bernoulliho, Lagrange and Clairautova, differential diffraction with constant coefficients). Oscillators (different types) - roles to solve common problems. Second order diff. Koef. Tasks leading to solving common problems. First-order diff. Deriving Kepler's Laws. Calculation of momentum of inertia. Dimensional analysis. Tasks in physics solved with differential and integral analysis.