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Course: Communication in Science

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/CIS2

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Helena Sedláčková'

Annotation: mprovement of communication skills in science on Master students' level. Development of the principles for presenting the scientific results in both written and oral forms.

Course review:
1 week Effective communication of Scientific information. Ethics in scientific communication. Electronic submission of scientifkic work. 2 week Scientific paper. Writing and correct word usage. Correct sentence structure. 3 week Sentence modifiers. Parallelism in a sentence construction. Commonly confused words and phrases in a scientific text. Words with several meanings. 4 week Working with academic vocabulary. Key words with proper prepositions, which are commonly used in scientific texts. 5 week Phrasal verbs in academic English. Metaphors and idioms. 6 week Word combination in academemic writing. Fixed expressions. Using synonyms to link sentences. 7 week Terminology and its importance for an experiment description and evaluation. Descroption of problemswith an experiment. 8 week Writing laboratory netes. Abbreviations and symbols used in the International System of Units (SI). Abbreviations and Internet terminology. Correct usage of chemical elements and izotopes. 9 week Describing states and processes up from laboratory notes. 10 week Presenting data. Making statistical analyses. Summarizing data in visual form. Types of visuals. Writing captions for pictures. Description of visual data. 11 - 12 week Presentation of sources facts, evidence, data, numbers , andstatistics. Description of opinions and ideas arised during the experiment. 13 week Paper submission. Contacting journals. Writing a cover letter. Reacting to a journal response. Proper argumentation