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Course: Communication in Science

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/CIS

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Helena Sedláčková', 'Mgr. Helena Sedláčková'

Annotation: Improvement of communication skills in science on Master students' level. Development of the principles for presenting the scientific results in both written and oral forms.

Course review:
1 week The subject Communication in Science. Planning a career in science. Writing up a résumé or CV. Preparing for an interview. 2 week Written communication in science. Writing a notice for a scholarship. Academic vocabulary in use. Word formation. Specific features of academic English. 3 week Oral and written communication with scientific communities. Recognizing different types of writing. Effective communication of scientific information. Writing a critical review. 4 week Principles of good communication. Academic wording, linking sentences in writing, punctuation. 5 week Doing a literature review.Taking part in a meeting (brainstorming). Arguing for and against an idea appropriately. 6 week Describing approaches to data collection: numbers, units of measurement and common symbols. Designing an experimental set-up. Making predictions of experimental results. 7 week Poster. Writing and organizing the content of the poster. Discussion after presenting the poster 8-12 week Practical training of subject ( giving a title to your paper, organizing writing in paragraphs, describing visual data, writing captions for figures, preparing and writing sections of a scientific work: organizing an abstract, writing the introduction, methods, results, conclusion , and discussion sections, discribing the limitations of the research and making suggestions for future research). 13 week Presenting a paper at a conference. Making contacts at a conference.