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Course: Business in Science

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/BIS

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Dr. Ing. Petr Kubečka'

Annotation: The transfer of the results of science and research, or the knowledge gained during the study into practice, is also possible by establishing a company (start-up or spin-off) with the involvement of students or university staff. This seminar aims to guide students through the process from idea to successful product on the market.

Course review:
1. The path from an idea to a product with a social impact 2. Possible forms of commercialization and assignment of the project for further processing 3. An introductory analysis of the project and their goals 4. LeanCanvas - a tool for analyzing ideas 5. How to correctly present your intention 6. How to communicate your invention to users 7. LeanCanvas II - a tool for analyzing ideas 8. How to protect your idea 9. What interests partners and investors 10. Presentation skills 11. Examples of success stories in the world 12. Finalization of student projects 13. Presentation of the project and selection of the best work