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Course: Instrumental physics

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/SZZPF

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'Mgr. Dalibor Jančík, Ph.D.'


Course review:
1. The measuring chain structure; converters of physical to electrical quantities, their static and dynamic characteristics and reduction of their errors. 2. Visible light sensors (detectors, converters); thermal and photoelectric detectors (photoelectric cell, photomultiplier, photoresistor, photodiode). 3. Temperature sensors; resistive, semiconducting, thermoelectric, pyroelectric thermometers; IT90 temperature scale. 4. Ionizing radiation detection; scintillation, gaseous and semiconducting detectors; charged particles and neutrons detection. 5. Vacuum technique, vacuum pumps types, low pressures measurements, vacuum instruments construction. 6. Cryo-technic. Low-temperature measurements, cryostats. 7. Analog signals processing; operational amplifiers; Integration and derivative unit; frequency filters. 8. Logic signals processing; Logic circuits. 9. Analog/digital and digital/analog converters.