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Course: Structure, Prop., and Funct. of Nucl.Ac.

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/PGNK

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Viktor Brabec, DrSc.'

Annotation: DNA conformations. Structure and properties of RNA. Hydrodynamic and spectral properties of nucleic acids.

Course review:
DNA conformation. A-, B-, Z- forms. Twist, tilt. DNA curvature. Helix-coil transition, forces stabilizing double helix. Higher organization of DNA, supercoiled DNA. Condensed forms. Chromosomes, nucleosomes, chromatin. Interactions of DNA with proteins. Interaction of DNA with ions. Protonation, pK, metal ions, electrostatic shielding. Structure and properties of RNA. Double-helical RNA. A-, Z- forms of RNA. Higher organization of RNA, t-RNA, ribosomes. Hydrodynamic and spectral properties of nucleic acids. Viscosity, sedimentation, diffusion. Osmosis. Electron vibration absorption spectra, hypochromicity, melting temperature. Spectroscopy of polarized light, ORD and CD. Genetic information. Replication, transcription, translation. Genetic code. Codon. RNA-polymerases. Viruses. Retroviruses. Reverse transcription. Mutations. Recombination. Oncogens.