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Course: Experimental Methods of Photosynthesis

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/PGEF

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Petr Ilík, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Growing of plants and algae, plants under field conditions growing of algae. Analytical and separation methods.

Course review:
Growing of plants and algae - cultivation chambers (controlling of growing conditions), model plants (standard, etiolate, virescent, IML), hydrophony, description of plants (growth parameters, scale of growth phases of plants), plants under field conditions (structure and state of photosynthetic apparatus in various parts of stands), growing of algae. Analytical and separation methods - determination of content of photosynthetic pigments (spectrophotometrically, spectrofluorimetrically, chromatographically), immunologic methods, methods of separation of organelles and subchloroplast corpuscles, electrophoresis of pigment-protein complexes, practical examples. Gasometric and physiologic methods - transpiration, respiration, conductivity of spiracles, light and CO2 curves of photosynthesis, measurement of generation of oxygen in suspension of chloroplasts and on leaves, Hill reaction, activity of photosystems (donors and acceptors of electrons, inhibitors, uncouplers), water flow through plants, RWC, water potential, conductometry, determination of peroxidation of lipids. Measurement of fluorescence of chlorophyll and other methods - spectra of emission and excitation, extinction of fluorescence, modulation methods of measurements, fluorescent temperature curve, thermoluminescence, chemiluminescence, induction phenomena (devices, models), fluorescent imaging (principle, applications), parallel detection of functionality of I-photosystem and II-photosystem, "in vivo" measurement of decay of fluorescence of chlorophyll a, practical examples. Detection of reactive forms of oxygen (ROS) - detection by EPR, absorption and fluorescent spectroscopy, ROS imaging, practical examples.