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Course: Experimental Methods od Biophysics

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/PGEB

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Petr Ilík, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Basic knowledge in experimental methods of biophysics.

Course review:
Native and denaturation electrophoresis of proteins and pigment-protein complexes Gel-scanners and imaging HPLC of photosynthetic pigments EPR, electron spin echo, optically detected magnetic resonance, ENDOR Linear and circular dichroism FTIR and resonance Raman spectroscopy Photoacoustic spectroscopy Gasometric methods Kinetics of luminescence, thermoluminescence and chemiluminescence. AFM, STM and near field microscopy Optical scissors, micromanipulation with molecules Fluorescence microscopy and imaging methods Experimental methods for examination and analysis of voice: Laryngoscopic methods (laryngoscopy, laryngostroboscopy, high-speed videolaryngoscopy, videokymography), physiologic methods (electroglottography, photoglottography, pneumography, pneumotachography, measurements of subglottal pressure), acoustic methods (microphones and recording, acoustic spectrography, voice range profile, MDVP, DSI). Measurement of vocal load (voice dosimetry, time dose, cycle dose, distance dose, radiated energy dose, dissipated energy dose, the use of accelerometers for voice measurement).