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Course: Optical Properties of Plants

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/OPVR

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Jan Nauš, CSc.'

Annotation: The course contains a description of theories, facts and experimental approaches of studies of plant optical properties, mainly those of leaves. Structure of plants, reflection and transmission of leaves, light gradients in leaves, the effects of geometric and wave optics, luminescence of chlorophyll and other compounds. Absorption spectrum and the sieve effect. The effect of UV radiation and its prevention. Leaf as an active optic element. Application of the fractal geometry.

Course review:
1) Architecture of plants and green leaf, radiation incident on plants, photosynthetically active radiation, types of leaves, morphology of grasses 2) Reflectance of light on a leaf, surface and internal reflection, interference phenomena and scatterings, blue shift of reflectance of leaves, relation between spectral reflectance of the leaf and amount of water inside the leaf 3) Effects of classical optics in the leaf, geometrical optics of a stem and epidermal cells, light-guided effects in plants 4) Gradients of light in the leaf, multilayered models, Kubelka-Munk theory, light curves of development of oxygen, extinction of fluorescence, mathematical form 5) Experimental measurement of gradient of light in the leaf, method of fibre optics, penetration of light into the leaves, function importance of palisade network, relation between fluorescence of chlorophyll and optical properties of the leaf 6) Absorption spectrum of the leaf, elongation of optical path and effect of sieve, authentic absorption spectra of leaves 7) Optical phenomena at the transverse cutting through the leave observed by a microscope 8) Re-absorbance of fluoresncence of chlorophyll in the leaf, experiemental manifestations, homogeneous and heterogeneous models, influence of energy transfer and orientation of chloroplast, secondary fluorescence 9) Blue and green fluorescence of the leaves (BGF), optical properties of chlorophyll 10) Influence of UV-radiation on plants 11) Light in the herbage 12) Leaf as an active optical element 13) Fractals in the structure of plants and herbage