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Course: Physical Properties of Nucleic Acids

Department/Abbreviation: KBF/FVNK

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Viktor Brabec, DrSc.'

Annotation: Structure and basic properties od DNA and RNA

Course review:
1. Structure and fundamental properties of DNA and RNA. 2. History of discovery of DNA structure. 3. Components, conformation, A-, B-, and Z-form. 4. Forces stabilizing double helix. 5. Higher organization of DNA, chromosomes, nucleosomes, chromatin. 6. Forms of t-RNA, ribosomes. 7. Interactions of DNA with ions, hydrodynamic properties, viscosity. 8. Sedimentation, diffusion, osmosis. 9. Absorption spectra, hypochromicity, thermal stability and thermodynamics of nucleic acids. 10. Thermodynamics of nucleic acids. 11. Optical anisotropy and activity, fluorescence. 12. Electric and magnetic properties of DNA and RNA. 13. Electrophoresis of nucleic acids. 14. Electrochemistry of nucleic acids. 15. Artificial DNA, expanded DNA.