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Úvod do moderních technologií 1

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Course: Introduction into Modern Technologies 1

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/UMT1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Miroslav Hrabovský, DrSc.'

Annotation: Give an overview about materials characteristics and methods of their measurement. Get some practical information about metallographic specimen preparation. Clear up the principles of heat and chemical-heat treatment of metals. Introduce conventional and modern technologies of casting, forming, machining, cutting and joining of materials. Excursion to the workshop employing modern production and processing technologies.

Course review:
Materials testing - mechanical properties of materials - technological properties of materials - internal defects of materials - nanoindentation Degradation properties in materials Metallography basics - sample preparation - sample evaluation Machining technologies - cutting operations (turning) - multiedge machining (grinding) Metallurgy in mechanical engineering - cast production - forming technologies (hot and cold working ) - heat treatment of metals - chemical-heat treatment of metals Materials cutting - classification of methods Materials joining - mechanical joints - thermal methods (welding, soldering) - bonding Technological applications of laseres Excursion

Přehled metod svařování (přednáška, PDF 4 MiB)

Průmyslové aplikace laserů (přednáška, PDF 5,2 MiB)

Laserový rastrovací konfokální mikroskop LEXT OLS 3100 (přednáška, PDF 14 MiB)

Hybridní metody svařování (přednáška, PDF 1,8 MiB)

Průmyslové lasery pro svařování (učební text, PDF 1,5 MiB)