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Course: Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics

Department/Abbreviation: KEF/MFT

Year: 2021 2022

Guarantee: 'RNDr. Renata Holubová, CSc.'

Annotation: Molecular physics and thermodynamics - a part of the basic course of physics for all physics students.

Course review:

  • Basic findings of molecular physics: particle structure of the matter, atoms and molecules, number of moles, molar quantities, particle in a force field of the other particles, Brownian motion
  • Thermodynamic system, state of a system equilibrium state, equilibrium process, reversible and irreversible processes, equilibrium state of a gas as a state with maximum probability, internal energy of a system, heat, ideal gas
  • Laws of ideal gas
  • Molecular kinetic theory of gases, Maxwell Law, analysis of the Maxwell Law.
  • Thermodynamics - the laws of thermodynamics, entropy, thermodynamic functions
  • Transport phenomena: heat conduction, Fourier equation for heat conduction, heat convection, radiation, diffusion, the First and the Second Fick Law, internal friction
  • Phase transitions, Clausius-Clapeyron equation
  • Real gases, Joule-Thomson phenomenon, condensation of gases
  • Solids: crystalline and amorphous solids, crystal lattice and lattice parameters, energy of a crystal lattice, classification of crystals, crystal defects, thermal properties of solids, thermal linear and volume expansion, molar heat capacity of solids
  • Liquids: structure of liquids, diffusion of liquids, osmosis, osmotic pressure, biological importance of osmosis, thermal conductance of liquids, viscosity of liquids
  • Properties of liquid surface, surface layer, surface tension, pressure under curved liquid surface, capillarity, liquid compressibility, thermal expansion of liquids, water anomaly
  • Thermodynamics and environmental physics


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