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Course: Elements of Photonics 1

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/ZF1

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'prof. RNDr. Jan Peřina, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Basic knowledge from the area of modern photonics will be provided to the student. Attention will be paid to various sources of radiation, especially to lasers. The principle of a laser will be elucidated using kinetic model. Numerous laser applications will be discussed. Elements of nonlinear optics will be studied, different nonlinear processes will be quantified. The possibility to generate nonclassical states of light in these processes, namely squeezed states and states composed of photon pairs, will be mentioned. Their use for fundamental physical experiments and in metrology will be discussed. Excursion to laboratories of nonlinear quantum optics will occur at the end of the lecture.

Course review:
1. Sources of optical radiation. 2. Principle of a laser as a source of coherent radiation, kinetic equations. 3. Optical rezonators from point of view of laser physics. 4. Laser operation modes. 5. Different types of lasers. 6. Maxwell equations in nonlinear medium, wave equation, nonlinear polarization. 7. Origin of nonlinear behavior of optical fields, model of bound electron in optical field. 8. Nonlinear effect of the 2nd order. 9. Nonlinear effect of the 3rd order. 10. Generation of the 2nd harmonics - a model. 11. The Kerr nonlinearity, phase automodulation, beam self-focusation. 12. Light with squeezed fluctuations in amplitude. 13. Generation and application of photon pairs. 14. Visit to laboratories of quantum and nonlinear optics at SLO.