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Course: Quantum information and communications

Department/Abbreviation: SLO/PGS7I

Year: 2021

Guarantee: 'doc. Mgr. Karel Lemr, Ph.D.'

Annotation: Students are assumed to master the topics described in the content of the subject.

Course review:
Basic terminology in quantum mechanics and mathematical formulations (superposition princliple, qubit, unitary operations, projective and generalized measurements, density matrices, purity, fidelity). Quantum gates (fundamental set of gates: single-qubit transformations, XOR, CNOT, CPHASE, ..., universal sets of gates, programmable gates). Quantum entanglement and its usage (CHSH inequalities, quantum teleportation, quantum relay, distillation of quantum entanglement, cluster states). Quantum cryptography (basic principle of security, important protocols: BB84, E91, R04, ..., quantum cloning a. s a method of attact, technological methods of attack, device-independent quantum key distribution, quantum payment tools). Quantum communications (transmission channel errors, quantum amplifiers, quantum routers) Selected algorithms for quantum computing (Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, QFT, Shor's algorithm, quantum machine learning). Experimental platforms for quantum information processing (linear optics, atoms and ions, quantum dots, superconductive materials, crystal defects). Experimental methods of linear optics (methods of qubit encoding, linearity of optical components, single and two-photon interference, post-selection and success probability, implementation of key gates). Quantum random walk (discrete and continuous versions, modeling of a quantum random walk in 1D and 2D, topological aspects, effect of decoherence, practical implementations and their applications). Weak quantum measurements (principle of weak measurements, pre-selection and post-selection of states, quantum state tomography with weak measurements, measurements of non-commuting operations).